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For those who are planning to work, study, have technical intern

training etc. in Japan, please see the information below.  

Q1:What kind of “public transportation” cannot be used druing the 14-day self-isolation period ?
A1:You are not allowed to use all public transportation including trains (tram and monorail), express buses, public buses, taxis, ships and airlines. 
Q2 If I come to Japan with my pet, what will happen ?  
A2:Your pet has to take the test at the airport as well. After you get your PCR test result (negative) at the airport, you will be able to take your pet with you and our driver will pick you and your pet up at the airport.
We have a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in Tokyo area for your selection.

Q3:Can we go out shopping during the self-isolation period?
A3:You are asked to refrain from unnecessary outings but not prohibited. However, you cannot use any public transportation. Therefore, you can only purchase necessity in nearby convenience stores and supermarkets. (All accommodations we provide have convenience stores and supermarkets within walking distance. )

Q4:Can we dine out at a restaurant ?
A4:Thought there is no penalty for dining out, you are asked to refrain from unnecessary outings but not prohibited. (same as A3). 

Q5:Do restaurants open normally ? 
A5:Yes. Almost all restaurants are open for business as usual.

Q6:Can we order takeout or use food delivery service ?
A6:Yes, you can order takeout form restaurants diectly or use food delivery service during the self-isolation period.

Q7:Please tell me about the PCR test at the Narita and Haneda airport.
A7:You will have the saliva test and it will take 2-3hours to get the result.Thus, you have to wait at the airport until you receive your result. 

Q8:I don’t have a Japanese mobile phone. How can I make contact with you or others after I arrived in Japan ?
A8:There is free Wi-Fi available at the airport. You can use it to make contact. 

Q9:What should I do for the check-in? 
A9:Driver will pick you up at the airport and assist you to do the check-in procedures.
Q10:Please tell me the arrangements/schedules after I arrived at the airport.
1. Airplane landed 
2. PCR Test 
3. Wait for the test result (2-3hours)
4. Receive ‘negative’ test result
5. Immigration
6. Entry to Japan
7. Driver reaches the airport 
8. Find the driver and get in the car
9. Check-in
We can stop at convenience stores or supermarkets before check-in upon your request. 

Q11:Can we cook in the apartment?
A11:Yes, you can. Our apartment is originally targeted at overseas tourists who have a rather long period of stay in Japan, thus all rooms are fully equipped with cookwares, dishes, washing machines and etc. Also, you can go out to buy groceries during the self-isolation period.

Q12:Will you replenish daily supplies such as toilet paper, tissue and etc.? 
A12:Yes. We will replenish upon your request. 

Q13:Can I share the apartment with others?
A13:Yes. You can share the apartment without any additional charge within each apartment capacity accordingly. 

Q14:Can I invite my family and friends to the room and stay together during the self-isolation period?
A14:Yes. You can invite your family and friends to come without any additional charge. Also, you do not have to inform us in advance.

Q15:I have a baby with me, is it okay?
A15:Yes. Some apartments we provide are with cribs. Also, for picking up at the airport, we can prepare child seat upon request.

Q16:Are there internet access and desk in the room? I need to work remotely during the self-isolation period.
A16:Yes. Free internet access is available for all apartments we provide. A work desk may not available in every apartment. If you need it, we will specially arrange it. Please request in advance. 

Q17:What should I do after I completed the self-isolation period?
A17:Most people can go home directly without re-inspection.

Q18:Is there pick up service after completion of the self-isolation period ?
A18:Yes. We provide pick up service on check-out day without any additional charge. (This service is highly appreciated by those who have a lot of luggage.)


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