Based on the survey of those who had self-isolated for 14 days owing to the COVID-19, our company has attained the No.1 customer satisfaction score in the‘Facility and Equipment’section of‘2weeks to long-term accommodation’-Survey by the general incorporated association Japan consumer dealings Proper evaluation Organization (JCPO).


Due to the influences of COVID-19, those who would like to enter Japan , including Japanese, are now subject to self-isolation (any accommodation) for 14 days from the day of arrival in Japan. During the 14-day self-isolation period, they are not allowed to use any public transportation.*

*Public transportation: trains (including tram and monorail), express buses, public buses, taxis, ships and airlines.

This is a designated service for those who are planning to work, study, have technical intern training and etc. in Japan. 

<Available for single, family and friends>
We have a great variety of accommodations ranging form single apartment to apartment for large group.  

<Please see infomation below>




1. 2-way transfer
“From airport to accommodation” and “from accommodation to place(s) upon request”*.
*Please inquire for the areas available for pick-up service on the day of check-out.

2. Multilingual support 
English, Chinese, Korean and etc.

3. All prices include tax, transfer fee and other expenses.  
 No extra charge. 

4. Support
We provide you with all-round support from the day of your arrival in Japan. Our driver will help to carry your luggages and assist you to do the check-in procedure. We hope your stay in Japan will be comfortable and burdenless.

5. Achievement : we have successfully arranged over 800 groups with more than 12,000 nights from March 2020 onward.
Included 20 more leading companies and most of them are repeat customers.   


■Locations of accommodation

Shinjyuku, Kasai, Itabashi, Yokohama, Narita, Shinagawa, Yokohama and etc. If you have any special request, please feel free to contact us.

●Rental plan for entire apartment/ house 
We provide plans with different room capacity to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in renting an entire apartment for a large group. 

●Plans of staff’s selection 
Our plans are based on the number of guests. ( from 1 to 4 people)





<About rooms we offer>

Near Haneda airport, stylish single room for 1-2 people


Near Ikebukuro station, soundproof single room for 1-2 people


Shinjyuku area, pets OK, entire house for rent


Suginami area, brand new house with 3 bedrooms, entire house for rent


Near Shinjyuku station, 1bedroom, newly reformed 

Near Shinjyuku station, brand new apartment with 3 bedrooms


All accommodations are equipped with electronic appliances, dishes, cookwares and free internet access. 


Large cars are used for 2-way transfer service and child seat is available upon request.

<Below are the facilities in the accommodations we provided>
Kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, free internet access, bathroom and toilet.
Convenience stores and supermarkets are within walking distance. 

*According to certain experts, staying in hotel has a relatively high risk for infection as unspecified large number of people are coming in and out. Besides, a great number of customers are looking for accommodations with well-equipped kitchen, thus, staying in a hotel may not be the best choice in this situation.

<Contact details for inquiries>
FEEL JAPAN Co., Ltd.(FJ Trust Co., Ltd.)
Island tower 2nd floor, Nishishinjyuku 6-5-1, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, 163-1302

<About us>
We are a real-estate company headquartered in the Island Tower in Shinjyuku, Tokyo. Our members are professionals in finance and real-estate who have worked in leading corporations such as Bank of Merrill Lynch and Goldman sachs. Our businesses include development, subdivision, sale, real-estate management in Tokyo, Okinawa, Hokkaido and so on. 



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